Spring-like feeling

I want you to capture that feeling of an upcoming season change,
not any season change, but the arrival of spring.

I want you to hold onto that feeling of transformation, renovation, reinvention even!

I want you to recall when you walked by the trees and you could feel what every earthling could feel, deep down in their souls. There was magic, an intrinsic seed of hope planted in all of us. This seed was preparing to release its full potential.

As the flowers began to blossom, we also did and we wanted the brightness and the warmth of the sun to spread over the entire world reaching every single person.

Now, in the awakening of a forced retreat I want you to keep that spring-like feeling alive. Be the carrier of that feeling and as the sun – that gives life to the plants, touches and heats us up without actually touching us, I want you to be the spring-like presence before every person you come across from now on.

For the moment, even though you won’t be able to touch, hug and kiss anyone, you can certainly aim to be like the sun in people’s lives. Transmit them the warmth of the sun with your presence, heat them up with your stories and attention, give them life so they feel that they are not alone.

Let there be hope as long as there is another spring to come.

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