The Father’s Day

We were driving to a random waterfall to enjoy the first of the super hot summer days in Toronto. It felt like 32 degrees or more! AC was on and It was maxed out, but we could still feel the heat outside!

I was looking at the rear-view mirror while trying to choose a song and I was watching my older daughter’s reaction as I skipped the songs… waiting for her to recognize and sing along. This way I could leave it to her enjoyment. That was my first gift for Father’s Day.

After that I was trying to look at the little one, but it is hard to see as she is right behind my seat. She was apparently cracking the window a bit ‘cause she loves the wind, although it is strong and noisy when you are on a highway. I then noticed that she was staring at the road and imagining something. It must be the same fantasy that any two-year old kid has that makes them laugh randomly. That was my second gift for Father’s Day.

Fourty minutes later we arrived at a conservation area, one of many we have in Canada. We wanted to reach the bottom of the waterfall and hang around there for a few moments. We’d eat some healthy snacks and enjoy the calming sound of the water falling on the rocks. We took the wrong trail and ended up going far away from the waterfall. Well, some people are so special that even the wrong trail seems right with them. We Figured that out and stopped to check the map when we finally met a daughter and father who were hiking On the same path. They were super nice to us and pointed us the right direction.

At the waterfall there was very little water and it looked a bit sad. It was almost If we could feel it saying that it was missing its dance partner, the water. There we sat a little while, ate some snacks and took some pictures. That was my third gift and I stopped counting. Só many things to be grateful! So many precious moments that will never come back! One day we will go on a new “adventure”and it might be the last. I don’t mean it t be said but rather to be mindful and make me presente at any opportunity I have with them.

I have so much to thank, so much to feel blessed! On this Father’s Day wasn’t given any store-bought gift but it really never bothered me and they know it. What I was given was another opportunity to watch them grow; another chance to see them laugh and enjoy our time together. It wasn’t a Father’s Day… it was “the father’s day”. One I will never forget!

Father’s Day is great when you spend it with Mother Nature. Especially if you take with you the reason that you are celebrating this day in the first place.

Happy Father’s Day!

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